About us

Tokyo Deli Catering specializes in providing food services for companies - events - conferences - schools... with a diverse menu to experience rich Japanese cuisine

Tokyo Deli Catering is managed by excutive chef Mr.Ryo Ozawa

Mr.Ryo Ozawa was born and raised in Fukuoka province of Japan.With more than 20 years of experience in the profession, he can harmonize Japanese cuisine with Western cuisine ( YO-SHO-KU). He was honored to receive “ The certificate of Senior Lecturer “ in the Chef Sector, one of the outstanding honors in Japanese cuisine. In addition, he has won many high prizes at domestic and foreign competitions. Especially, world culinary olympic gold medal in Erfurt, Germany on 2012.
When he introduced himself, he often said “My hobby is cooking”.

Chúng tôi là ai

The strength of Tokyo Deli Catering

Food safety

All food supplies, utensils, up to the cooking method performed by the chefs, are subjected to strict regulations based on the food hygiene and safety standards.

Convenient mobile service

Tokyo Deli Catering offers diverse types and high-class services at all conferences, celebration and opening ceremonies ...

Classic Japanese taste

Tokyo Deli Catering inherits and promotes the strength of Tokyo Deli Sushi, a Japanese restaurant chain with diverse traditional dishes from Japanese culture.

Source of fresh food

We supply fresh and safe ingredients every day through the close cooperation between Okamura Foods - Japan Company and Trung Son Food Joint Stock Company.

extensive menu

Own a diverse menu system, designed according to customers’ needs, ensuring delicious and nutritious meals.

Strict standards

We are implementing strict standards in all stages of preliminary processing and food processing that fully meet the set standards, in order to bring fresh, safe and delicious meals

Vision - Mission


    Tokyo Deli Catering aims to become a leading Japanese culinary service provider in Vietnam, constantly renew and innovate to build high-class services, contributing to improving the life quality of Vietnamese people.


    For customers: Become the most reliable partner with customers, thanks to the ability to provide a full range of Japanese culinary services and based on customer-centricity.

    For partners: Build a relationship of trust, credibility, cooperation for sustainable development.

Vision - Mission

The value of Tokyo Deli Catering

Bring Japanese cuisine to customers through safe, high quality and professional dining.

Source of fresh food
Source of fresh food
Production capacity

Production capacity

With a team of professional chefs and top nutrition experts, we provide fast and convenient culinary services that always ensure the quality and safety of each dish.

Commitment to quality

  • Commitment to quality