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Tokyo Deli Catering specializes in providing food services for companies - events - conferences - schools... with a diverse menu to experience rich Japanese cuisine

Tokyo Deli Catering is managed by excutive chef Mr.Ryo Ozawa

Mr.Ryo Ozawa was born and raised in Fukuoka province of Japan.With more than 20 years of experience in the profession, he can harmonize Japanese cuisine with Western cuisine ( YO-SHO-KU). He was honored to receive “ The certificate of Senior Lecturer “ in the Chef Sector, one of the outstanding honors in Japanese cuisine. In addition, he has won many high prizes at domestic and foreign competitions. Especially, world culinary olympic gold medal in Erfurt, Germany on 2012.
When he introduced himself, he often said “My hobby is cooking”.

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Experts provide food upon request

Providing reputable and quality meals

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Commitment to quality

Thanks to the application of advanced management methods according to food hygiene and safety standards throughout all processes from input material to procedures and service, supported by the raw material production and supply system from all over the world, Tokyo Deli Catering is committed to provide users with safe and healthy products with very reasonable prices.

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